Your #Health can be looked at as a train on a train track. There are two ways to go, forward or backward. The right way, or the wrong way. Full speed ahead or trainwreck.

Are you traveling the right way down the tracks toward health? Or are you going the wrong way around a curve about to crash into an oncoming train ( #HeartDisease #Stroke #Cancer #Autoimmunity )?

If you are living under the typical American paradigm of “I’ll eat drink, drink, and be merry and modern medicine will save me with a magic bullet prescription medication” then you’re on the wrong track.

Health is a never-ending journey, not a destination.

Health is being created or destroyed every moment with every decision you make.

Are you choosing #FullSpeedAhead or #Trainwreck ?

Do you want full speed ahead but don’t know the choices to make? Have you been in a Trainwreck and want to get the most out of what’s left of your engine?

Then partner with a train engineer that knows how to diagnose what is wrong with your engine, navigate the tracks, and get you traveling in the right direction.