The sun, skin cancer risk, and photoprevention

It doesn’t make evolutionary sense to say that he sun causes cancer. Especially considering that cancer is not found in our hunter-gatherer ancestors who were out in the sun all day everyday without modern clothing, sunscreen, or fear.

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Resveratrol in Cancer and Autoimmunity

The scientific literature is packed with studies showing that resveratrol can positively benefit people suffering with or (better yet) hoping to prevent:
Heart Disease
and many more

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“Jesus and Dr. Bartemus healed me.”

She described how she used to be riddled with eczema to the point that even water hurt her skin. 💦🤕

She explained how she had seen many pediatricians and dermatologists and none of the medications, creams, or baths they recommended helped her. 😖😩🥴

It got so bad that she asked Jesus why he wouldn’t heal her. 😥

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