The tyranny of the diagnosis

The goal of the mainstream healthcare system is to label you with a diagnosis. Notice that I didn’t say, “the goal of the mainstream healthcare system is to heal you”.

The diagnosis is the goal. Doctors are taught to diagnose, not heal. So if you think you are going to your doctor to get healthier, you are going to continue to be disappointed.

The system does not want you healthy. The system wants you to be a return customer for the rest of your life. By giving you a label/diagnosis, they keep you in the system. How?

There are 2 major ways that you become a lifetime patient without realizing it:

  1. Once you receive your label you have been brainwashed to identify with it. (example, “I HAVE xyz disease”)
  2. Once you receive your label, you are given a medication to take for the rest of your life. Therefore, you are a lifetime customer.

This is the tyranny of the diagnosis. Once given by them and accepted by you (you have a choice to accept or reject it), it rules over you for the rest of your life or until you realize you can choose not to be ruled by it.

The only way not to be a slave to it is to realize that you will not heal if you follow what the system recommends.

As an example, today’s video covers a family of 3 that traveled to see me from the midwest because they had not been helped after many years of diagnostic tyranny.

All 3 had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. All 3 had received the “gold standard” treatment. All 3 had received ZERO benefit and had become worse over time.

The goal of the healthcare system is not to heal you.

Here is their story. Here is how to find healing.

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