I had a 12 year old female yesterday morning with OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and a Tic that has seen many neuros, pediatric neuros, had EEGs, etc that cannot diagnose her. This person came in from 3 hours away.

Beyond the obvious Basal Ganglionic issues, she also has Absence Seizures and Vestibular Migraines that the previous doctors denied and supposedly ruled out with EEG.

I was able to induce an Absence Seizure immediately followed by a Vestibular Migraine during my examination, confirming that she has them..

Mom saw it before I even asked her if she saw it. It was great.

As a mentor of mine says, “how can you treat it if you don’t diagnosis it first?”

This poor girl has been through the ringer with no help because no one has examined or diagnosed her thoroughly enough, combined with the tunnel vision of only focusing on their “specialty”.

Chronic neurologic issues will not be helped if not examined and diagnosed properly. They also will not be helped if there is underlying metabolic dysfunction that has never been considered.

We are excited to see lab results now investigating metabolic, autoimmune, etc contributions. With the results, I can then create an individualized and specific action plan to address her unique constellation of contributing factors.