#Genetics are a common scapegoat in US “Healthcare”. When you look into it, the statistics reveal that only about 5% of disease is truly genetic. The rest is #Choice #Lifestyle #Environmental #Epigenetic based.

Genes load the gun, but Choice/Lifestyle/Environment pull the trigger.

This means that genes may create a susceptibility to a disease, but the expression/manifestion occurs when that gene is exposed to consistently poor choice/lifestyle/environmental cues.

Our “Healthcare” system was/is built on the premise that genetics are a major cause of disease. If genes cause disease, and genes are not changable (you cannot change your genetic code), then the person has no hope and no responsibility/accountability other than to palliate the pain until they succumb to the disease.

And who swoops in to the palliative rescue? #BigPharma with their endless list of failed magic bullets.

You see, if disease is genetic, then you’re hopeless (and NOT responsible/accountable for your choices/lifestyle/environment), and you’re dependent on a drug to palliate you.

Making people believe they are hopeless and hold no power to impact their health is a great business model, it just doesn’t lead to the clinical results that the person who is a patient desires.

Science shows that, in reality, the overwhelming majority of disease is epigenetic; or, controlled/influenced/turned on by our minute to minute choices/lifestyle/environment.

THIS IS POWERFUL because it gives you HOPE. If you get a diagnosis you don’t like, 95% of the time, you can impact it in a positive way.

THIS IS POWERFUL because it makes you RESPONSABLE/ACCOUNTABLE. Some people may not like that responsibility. But, again, that responsibility provides the hope that you can change your knowledge and choices and therefore your health.

 Do not be lazy. Do not blame genes. Ask yourself how have my choices/lifestyle/environment led to my current health challenge and what can I learn and do to change and impact my circumstances in a positive way.

Once you know what to do, DO IT. And do it persistently.

Health by Choice, Not by Chance.