Thank you for listening to the audio version of The Autoimmune Answer. Please find the graphics found in the book and referred to in the audiobook below.


Intro Image A


Intro Image B

Functional Medicine Framework

Intro Image C

T cell polarization

Intro Image D


Intro Image E

Ai process to disease

Image 2A

Gut-Skin Axis

Image 3A

Crohn's Testimonial

Image 4A

PANDAS Testimonial

Image 5A

TBI vagus

Image 5B

TBI vagus symptoms

Image 5C


Image 5D

Stress TBI

Image 5E

Gut-Brain-Biome Axis

Image 6A 

Ai process to disease

Image 6B 

Ai process disease celiac

Image 6C 

Latent Celiac Testimonial

Image 6D 

Wheat Allergy Testimonial

Image 7A

Hypothyroidism Dx

Image 7B

Ai process to disease

Image 8A

Food Rxn Continuum

Image 8B

Food Rxn Testimonial

Image 9A

Nutrition Testimonial

Image 10A