I was recently interviewed by Rob Kosberg on Publish. Promote. Profit. It was a great experience! We talked about living your optimal life by looking at the big picture instead of simply treating symptoms.

Publish. Promote. Profit. features some of the brightest thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who have established market authority by writing a book. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the show. I found the experience to be both exciting and enriching. Mr. Kosberg is passionate about what he does!

Here are just a few of the topics we covered:

  • How autoimmune diseases force us to to look at everything we’re exposed to so we can treat them.
  • How our environment and the choices we make contribute to our overall health.
  • How conventional medicine gets it wrong compared to functional medicine.
  • How a book can educate people in a way that a TV spot, or YouTube video can’t.
  • How writing a book gives authors authority and enables them to help others in a way that they couldn’t before.

You can listen to the interview on:

iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher TuneIn GooglePlay C-Suite Radio iHeartRadio Amazon Music and YouTube If you enjoyed it, please do me a favor and leave a review and let us know what part made the biggest impact!

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More about the book:

The Autoimmune Answer is your roadmap for healing from autoimmune disease naturally. No high powered immune suppressing medications necessary.

Each chapter of this book presents a real case from Dr. Bartemus’ office and uses it to help you understand the specific autoimmune disease being discussed in that chapter. From symptoms, to key findings in their past medical records that were overlooked, to relevant testing, to creating an individualized and specific care plan, each chapter walks you through the journey of a real person from suffering to healing.

The autoimmune diseases covered in this book include:
Parkinson’s Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Traumatic Brain Injury induced autoimmunity
Celiac Disease
Gluten Sensitivity
Thyroid autoimmunity – Grave’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease

Other topics include:
Gut-Brain Axis
Microbiome Health
Depression and Anxiety

The book also covers the spectrum of food reactions from food allergy to food sensitivity to food intolerance and helps you understand and determine which one(s) you are suffering with and how to correct them. Which diet is the right diet for you? Find out how to determine which diet is the correct diet for you in your current situation. Is it a ketogenic diet? Is it a Paleo diet? Is it a Gluten Free or Low FODMAPS diet?

Lastly, you will learn why you cannot “Dr. Google” yourself to health if you have an autoimmune disease. And you will be empowered with the information you need to find and create the healing you desire.

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