Does the sun cause cancer? ???
This is a question that has been debated for years and continues to be. With summer here, I think it is relevant.
My stance is that the sun does not cause cancer, sunburns do. ???
The issue is more about intelligent interaction with the sun than it is about the sun being “bad”.
If you don’t burn, the sun won’t cause cancer. ???
It doesn’t make evolutionary sense to say that he sun causes cancer. Especially considering that cancer is not found in our hunter-gatherer ancestors who were out in the sun all day everyday without modern clothing, sunscreen, or fear. ???
This study helps explain one reason why.
This study shows that early morning sun exposure helps prepare the skin for the oncoming noon sun. It then shows that late day sun exposure promotes repair of the skin after mid day sun exposure. ???
How cool is that?!
As you know, sunscreens are full of endocrine disrupting chemicals that are more likely to cause cancer than the sun is. Especially if you exercise intelligence regarding your sun exposure.
So this summer, prevent skin cancer by avoiding cancer causing sunscreens and exercising the habit of “Photoprevention” taught to use by the research. ⛱⛱⛱
sun and skin cancer
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