All throughout the COVID episode I have preached “patience is a virtue” and “principles over pandemic”.
What I mean by these phrases is that nature has always won (compared to man’s attempt to improve on nature) in the end.
What do I mean?
Since the beginning, the so called “experts” have been hollering that humans do not produce long-term immune protection in the form of long-lived antibodies after COVID infection.
My question initially was, “how can you say that? COVID hasn’t been around long enough to study people who had the infection and recovered a long enough time ago to prove that.”
Low and behold, as time marches on and we now have many people who have had natural COVID infection and recovered to study, the results are proving me right.
In the passed 2 weeks, multiple studies have been published proving that nature wins again. Like we have against EVERY OTHER virus humanity has faced, we do produce long-term immunity to COVID after natural infection. This is covered in depth in the video below.

Another brand new study (see image below) shows that we not only produce long-lived antibodies, but we also produce a “robust” anti-viral T-cell response REGARDLESS of severity of infection. That means whether you were asymptomatic or severe, your immune system (gasp!) did what it was supposed to do.
COVID induces robust immune response

COVID induces robust immune response

Lastly, a hot off the (preprint) press study from the Cleveland Clinic found that for people who had and recovered from COVID naturally, the vaccine is unnecessary (see header image).
This is wonderful truth for us, not so great for people who want to profit from vaccines.
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